Violent and stormy weather, similar to the conditions faced by those little Hobbit guys as they trekked across Mordor looking for that damn ring.
Better take a raincoat if you're headed outside. It's pretty Lord of the Rings out there.
by T-Bone77 May 14, 2011
A trilogy written by J.R.R. Tolkien, fantasy set in a place called Middle Earth, which is inhabited by hobbits and the like. While in high school in the early 70s, many of my fellow stoners were heavily into this trilogy and its precursor, The Hobbit. Led Zeppelin made references to it in a few of their songs, and Robert Plant was a known Tolkien enthusiest. This, of course, made it required reading for any self-respecting hippie, but I was strictly a poser when it came to this and other stoner sci-fi or fantasy, and after about the first 50 pages of the first book The Fellowship of the Ring, I found it too boring to read on.
In the 70s, the more cerebral stoners were into reading The Lord of the Rings.
by Woody Thomas July 26, 2008
lord of the rings makes me a total girl-dork for secretly being in love with.
i love the lord of the rings and i want to have sex with aragorn in lorien
by cashlyn July 17, 2006
a pretty damn good movie which i agree is another nerd cliche but for only freaks, theres a line between liking this movie a lot, and being a damn nerd about it and collecting every little toy and knowing the whole damn crew of the movie
dont know what to put here so fuck it!
by Ben Dover December 20, 2003
The ultimate accomplishment for a male against that of the female species. Used when denoting completed sexual acts against either a girlfriend or other female relation, and only claimed when the 3 key rings have been conquered (vag, anal, gobby) or other combo of 3 where the shape of entrance forms an O (Ring).
Person 1: Hey man! my bitch finally let me travel down to brown town
Person 2: HAHAHA nice, your definitely the Lord of the Rings bro!
by MasterOfNothing May 08, 2008
An overrated trilogy in both book and movie form. It is an extremely boring trilogy that has been made into 3 hour movies that drag on and are impossible to watch.

Only the huge nerds can sit through a Lord of the Rings movie. For a normal person, it's impossible.
Nerd: "Hey, have you seen the Lord of the Rings?"
Normal Guy: "I tried to. I couldn't watch more than an hour."
Normal Guy: "Nice nerdgasm dude. Peace."
by Infinite-X June 22, 2011
Three movies about a bunch of midgets walking to a volcano.
It was a shame that Frodo from Lord Of The Rings stopped walking at the edge of the volcano and didn't take another few steps.
by mAD~mOD December 28, 2006
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