Having loose bowels
Ready to shit/piss anytime, anyplace


A word for saying cool
i have loose bowels, can i please use your toilet?


Man! that was loose, you could make millions for that move!
by H December 31, 2002
When a male's penis is exceedingly small.
Mary: How was your romp with John last night?
Sarah: John's cock was all loose.
Mary: Real shame.
by IWillBeYour419 April 07, 2004
When your cooch can be pulled over your head because you have done the wangidy-bang-bang as much as a whore.
A real good sign is when you feel that you are flapping in the wind
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
When you are not quite sober and not quite drunk. Your game is at its best at this point.
I had two beers last night and was really loose.
by Max January 09, 2005
a term used to describe a pussy with flapping wings.
Bitch tuck them flappin wings in there blowin in the wind; do u want to fly away?


Damb bitch, is it in yet?
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
A "loose woman" used to mean amoral. Now most people think it means stretched out pussy from too much cock.
"That slut is so loose, fucking her is like throwing a pencil down a mine shaft"
by Wassily May 07, 2004
Otherwise said as "screw loose". General means crazy (in a good way) or willing to do chill or crazy things that one normally wouldn't.
Odds are you go streak across campus, I bet you're not loose enough.
by Itsok August 15, 2014
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