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A game you can play with the local female meth addict where you wear a blindfold, and insert your penis into either her loose vagina or her toothless mouth (to be chosen by your co-contestants). Then you have to guess which orifice. Winners get to drink more beer, while the losers have to mack down on the inserted hole.

Usually played with a crowd of drunken college guys and one or more methmouthed whore.
Jeff: Hey bud, you gonna play "Loose Or Toothless?" at the frat party tonight?
Paul: No man, I'm swingin' out to the bar tonight to see if I can pick me up a club sandwich.

Melissa: So, you were playing "Loose Or Toothless?" last night at the party I hear.
Kelly: Yeah, I've never been so humiliated in my life. But they were feeding me pills and I was doing Yeager Bombs all night....and then there was this guy who set himself on fire....and I put it out for him by pissing on him and.... then they made me drink my own I still had a good time....I think....What were we talking about?
by Mike Oxbeg December 02, 2011
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