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To hack flem in the throat and spit with extreme gusto.
I used my loog for lubricant during anal penetration.
by Bulbous Jack H October 11, 2009
An unspecific sized body of water, to describe the size that is in between a pond and a lake.
Wow did it flood? I never realised that there was a loog here.
by TomBender January 07, 2014
a really nice girl whose really dateable, generally funny and chill. Any guy would date her but at the moment she doesn't have a boyfriend. she most likely likes smooth talkers and chaming men who use hastags on fb and skype #chothacho
chad: "hey man i don't have a date to saturdays dance."
oman: "bro just take carolina she's totally loog."
by choth November 20, 2011
A term generally given to those who purposely skip out on an important event.
Example 1 : 1 Minute before they're supposed to enter the portal for a manditory full out, someone inquires into the whereabouts of lucaslickum9.

Clan Leader: Oh he told me he had football practise, so he wont be able to make it.

Member 1: "lucaslickum9?? He just told me there was a 300m drop party in world 9 and that I should come get rich with him"

Random flames from the clan might include: "Lucas.. we know you loog'd that war - gf jackass we just lost by 1!!!"

"lucas if you loog another war like that im gonna kick your ass out of this clan"

Example 2 :

Friend 1:
" Hey john bobby says he is sorry he couldnt make your grandma's funeral, he had a family emergency"
Friend 2:
" Bobby chepairo? I just seen him at the strip club with a male prostitute chugging a few beers"
Friend 2 and 3:
What a damn looger!

John's call to bobby: "bobby did you just loog my grandma's funeral you bastard!!"

Example 3: After waiting an hour in an old folks home danny begins to get impatient with herald.

Danny - Damnit herald I thought you told me everyone was supposed to meet @ 5pm to volunteer, where the hell is everyone els!

Herald- "Dude.... I think we just got looged"

Danny- "fucking herald! you moron"

by I C4N B uR SUP3RM4N November 05, 2008
A word used to denote lag in online computer games by 13 year old haxors to sound 31337 (eleet, or elite).

See also:
script kiddie
by Aphex November 15, 2003
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