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Nickname for King Edward I 1272-1307(note England only)
Or as he preferred to be called 'The Hammer of the Scots'.Persecuted The Jewsand forced them to wear a yellow star to identify themselves(sounds familiar?]He ordered the execution of Hundreds of Jews and finally ordered to have them expelled(over 600 years before hitler)

Conquered Wales in 1284, Then turned his attention to Scotland interfering in royal matters that had nothing to do with him. Helped appoint a Puppet King ,John Balliol in Scotland ,A Yes man ,he could control, in his efforts to conquer the Northern Kingdom.
He installed English garrisons in Scottish Castles and Forced The Scottish King to Swear Loyalty to him .A Brutal man who crushed any one who dared oppose him,after stealing the Scots ancient Coronation stone The Stone Of Destinyand had it placed under his own Throne in Westminster, he thought he had conquered his Northern Neighbour,Of Course he was Wrong!

Enter William Wallace Who totally Fucked up Longshanks Plans north of the Border,of course he was later betrayed and delivered to Edward and executed in 1305. Longshanks thought at last he had subdued the Scots when up sprang Robert The Bruce.The Bruce was Crowned King of Scots In open Defiance in 1307. The same year Longshanks died on the Scottish Border whilst en-route to ''crush''his opposer.He was Buried in Westminster Abbey in a lead Casket only to be transferred to a Regal Gold casket only when Scotland was Truly conquered and part of the Kingdom of England .Succeded by his son Edward II,Later to be thoroughly defeated by the Scots in 1314 at the battle of Bannockburn.
Longshanks is still buried in a LEAD casket!
#bannockburn #toom tabard #stone of destiny #wallace #the bruce
by The Equaliser May 31, 2006
meaning lankyor tall
long shanks can either be te name of a lanky person or it can be the name of the type of legs
1. oi, long shanks, come over here
2. blimey, u got long shanks!
#legs #humour #name calling #stupidity #harshness
by blunty December 04, 2005
Long mustache hair on women, which hangs along the side of the mouth. It will appear as if the woman has hairy curtains decorating the corners of her mouth.
Gettin' a little lengthy there, "Long Shanks."

Her "Long Shanks" act as a great crumb snatcher!

Get your razor and put those "Long Shanks" out of their misery!"
#woman mustache #chick stash #upper lip #hairy #beast #nasty #chulf #maloof #r-dub #silver top #flava sava #flavor saver #crumb catcher #crumb snatcher #hairy pits #pubes
by scarecrowNYC June 28, 2011
A tall girl.
Sure she was tall but I kinda like long shanks.
by K. M. Weik January 11, 2004
Colloquial term for a man with rancid chat that makes you want to finish your cigarette quickly and get back to work. Invariably will also have an annoying laugh, bad teeth and will reuse the same clothing daily and so smells of frozen eddies.
Longshanks: "I am tall, when you talk about tall people they must be taller than me."

Me: "Oh my god, I need to get out of here."

Longshanks: "I believe NHL is the best sport ever, no other sport must be discussed in my presence."

Me: "Does anybody have a noose handy?"

Longshanks: "I had the best time at Uni, because me and my mates were all tall."

Me: "You are the saddest fuck I have ever met...."

#wanker #cockgoblin #scat #frozen eddie #knob
by windy miller May 03, 2006
Word for man with a Long Shank.

Also known as Male species who can handle himself better than most in the nocturnal activities held with the opposite sex.
Oooh I bet that guy over there has a Long Shank.

Oh baby, this guy I met last night could Long Shank it all night long.
by Trudy1069 June 01, 2005
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