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1.The safest town in New Jersey. If someone speeds down Valley Rd. going ten over it makes it in the Echo-Sentinel (the hometown newspaper), No joke. Our police are the toghest, most professional officers around. However, the Long Hill cops have a reputation of pulling over out of towners, and showing no mercy when it comes to speeding violators who are not Long Hill residents. Never go more than 4 over the speed limit.
2. comprised of 4 sections Stirling, Millington, Gillete, and Meyersville. Home of many Catholic,blue collar italian-Americans, has two catholic churches, 5 pizzerias, and the best bagels in the United States, O'bagel (off Valley Rd across from Shoprite), small town USA
3. birth place of Leo the "MGM" Lion
-What part of Long Hill Twp. are you from?
-o, I live in Stirling, on Essex st.
-I live in Millington by Clover Hill.
by Bobby O' Rourke October 22, 2007
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