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The name of the Asian in Sixteen Candles...
Yo, get over here Long Duck Dong...
by C-DUBYA August 05, 2004
LongDuckDong is a drink that some crazy drunk mexicans thought up one night in Kansas City when they were drinkin RedBull and GreyGoose vodka. When asked why they like the combination one simply said," because it makes my longduckdong!" hence the name!
"Hey Milo what are you drinking?"
--- "Im drinking longduckdongs... imma get some ass tonight"
by ShitLips913 December 24, 2009
Commonly known as the male sex organ, or penis. It dates back to the classic 80's movie "better off dead". One character named "long duck dong" a foreign exchange student from japan boned a fat american teen with huge funbags.
"Jeepers, did you see that dudes long duck dong? It was chode looking. Gnarly."
by Kryger January 13, 2009

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