This term is derived from the fictional pirate from Treasure Island 'Long John Silver'. It describes a gentleman equipped with a penis of staggering proportions. To be referred to in this way is a great source of pride to any man, as it implys that your dongbone has not only a great size, but a great reputation.
James: Carla why are you limping, with blood trickling down your knee? Hast thou fallen over, cripple?
Carla: No, I was fortunate enough to share a bed with George last night, he truly is Long Dong Silver!
by SuaveG July 26, 2006
Top Definition
An African-American adult film character from the 1970s/1980s. The actor who played the character wore an abnormally large prosthetic penis.
"Damn, that Long Dong Silver sure was a freak of nature!"
"Dude, he was just wearing a big-assed dildo."
by Jake in NYC November 13, 2005
a black porno star from the early 80's
long dong silver is the star of this porno
by robert cashion October 08, 2003
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