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London Ontario is in Canada. It is a large city with a large population. It is very boring because there is nothing fun to do unless you are super rich and have lots of money. London is becoming overrun with emos and scene kids. :( There are also lots of hobos here. Crazy hobos.
Man, I cannot wait for London Ontario to be attacked by zombies...
by I am the Devil August 31, 2008
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A kick butt is a mini London England with a population of
365 000. We have a river named the Thames....which is dirrty then the lakes in Africa........We have a park named after Queen Victoria.....We have a horrible school board.

Our city has the most trees in the world.....we have one of the best unveristys in the world...and some of the best Hostipals in the world too.

Well thats about all
London Ontario is one of the biggest and most powerful cities in Ontario...ONtario is part of Canada...which is above the USA
by Dave December 17, 2004
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A city in south western Ontario. It was going to be the capital of Canada until the war of 1812 made it unsafe. Even though the British (including Canada) burnt down the white house and kicked America's ass. We thought It'd be safer to use Ottawa as our capital. It is a fairly large city divided up fairly geometrically. You know your from London if you know what EoA is. It's a decent city with plenty of bars and a bit of a hobo problem. But hey? that's what makes it interesting.
him-so dude did you just move EoA?

her-hellz yeah man, i guess this means that i lost all your respect.

him-I guess so : (

her - i hate living in the sault.

him - move here to london ontario. i'll put yah up.

her - kick ass. yeah... i hate urban dictionaries need to put the word in a sentence.... fucking hell.
by I MAKE WAFFLEZ. March 02, 2009
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London Ontario sucks ass. Everyone I have met from this city is either a hick, or a wigga. It is a tiny, pethetic version of Toronto (which in itself is a shitty town) which gained most of its current population by old Toronto WASPS moving their because they were affraid of Black people. The downtown is a hollowed out urban renual zone second only to Detroit (which is a much better city). The rest of the city is made up of identically malled intersections. Western is a shitty school where dumb sluts go to rope a dorky business student who is none the wiser to how many cocks she sucked in high school.
Fuck London Ontario, and all 365,000 residents.
by mass January 20, 2007
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