Another way to say lol, lawls, lolzie(LAUGH OUT LOUD). Except, with a new twist, it's candy associated and let's face it, everyone loves candy.
Patty: Totally just fell down the stairs!

Fatty:Ahahahah LOL-IPOP!
by Pingo-Goldie May 15, 2009
A vocal style used in music in which the singer (generally female) applies or has a very adolescent, cute, and innocent sounding tone. A type of compound word consisting of "Loli" which is a Japanese term signifying a young girl. And "pop" which references, but is not restricted to, pop music. Bands such as; 'Purity Ring', 'The Capsules', and 'Now, Now' are sometimes seen as using this style.
Could you bring it down a notch? The track sounds kind of lolipop.
by Kako the tiger September 24, 2013
Nice song by Three 6 Mafia that talks about hot loli's which makes you think that Three 6 Mafia members are paedophile's
lolipop song - loli loli loli loli let me see you pop that body
by Mike Wanvadder April 08, 2008
A tasty treat that makes you giggle. Pick one up at your local shop!
Hey want a LOLipop?
No I'm too busy with my meth.
It's better than meth, it's LOLLERSK8!!!
Get the hell away from me.
Okay, but plz promise not to hurt me.
I will if you get the hell away!
Man you are so depressing.
And you're gay, not STFU and leave.
by Taeko Hentie April 07, 2006
internet speech for laughing out loud in pain of pains. Used most often after discoviring what one did while drunk or high.
Person1: Dude, you asked out that ugly chick at the party last night. You're supposed to meet her for a bookclub tonight.
by Sven the destroyer October 13, 2005
Normally this word is used as an artificially flavored candy. Usually liked by kids.
Also refered in the song "Cnady Shop" by 50 Cent
Also this is a nickname fore Lyle Gernert. She is very sexy and loves to make purple.
The child licked the lolipop.
Lyle's nickname is lolipop
by Mr Schlomo 2 November 24, 2006
this girl i know that always has a lolipop in her mouth...if u ask me its kinda hot i mean its almost like theres a penis in her mouth..
Loli is sucking on her lolipop nice and slow
by Quasi February 25, 2004
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