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An unsubstantial amount of lol'ing. consider in lol situations with lol effects. created by lol jokes. most of the time Lolimoli is used in reaction to you-tube fail videos. being ridiculously stupid, funny, stereotyping, fat ppl, retarded, amusing, stand-up comedy, someone falling, funny arab accents, Indian telemarketers, miley cirus songs, lol-cats, socks with separate holes for toes, brett farves decision making, rubix cubes, sea-horses, Grande Ghant, don't forget Big world LOLIMOLI
Kashmoney:Blacks think i'm black
White's think i'm white
Rednecks think i want to shove a bomb up my ass and blow there dodge ram's up
Meatball: Lolimoli
Lil' Suro: haha
Meatball: Lolimoli
Kashmoney: who says "haha" anymore, grow a dick and say Lolimoli
Lil' Suro: why don't you shove a Lolimoli up your ass
Meatball: lolimoli
kashmoney: Fuck you, you Fruit Cake
Meatball: lolimoli
by KashMoney107 August 28, 2010
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