1] Affectionate term for those named Laura. A way to differentiate between multiple friends named Laura (Lola, Lola Bunny, Lolita, Laura, Laurie).

2] Female pink rabbit in Looney Tunes cartoons, most notibly from Space Jam.
1] I called Lola Bunny on the phone to complain about my roommate Laura.

2] Lola Bunny plays basketball well, for a girl (and for a cartoon).
#cartoon #looney tunes #affection #pet name #endearment #laura
by LyssaLou May 13, 2006
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Top Definition
-Bugs's girlfriend
-the chick bunny basketball player on Space Jam
"Don't ever call me doll..." said Lola Bunny
by *MICHI* April 01, 2003
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