Basically means you are laughing at something that is funny but either wrong, innapropiate, something you shouldn't be laughing at, or something that's just plain weird that's funny.
To summarize it, a confused lol.
"OMG lolz I ate my pants yesterday they were sooo good you should try them."


by EpicWinzorz December 25, 2008
A word that will one day take over this world. When you say it; people think you're laugh. Or laughing inside. But what it really means is; I cant be bothered to say anything else.
Person 1: What you been up to?
Person 2: Nowt much lol

Person 1: I watched party monster today
Person 2: lol

Person 1: i'm going now bye! xx
Person 2: lol xx

Person 1: My cat just died! :'(
Person 2: lol

Person 1: I broke my leg today!
Person 2: lol
Person 1: What's so funny?
Person 2: I dunno LMAO
by [insert name here] February 05, 2006
laughing out loud
1337 talk
by GSK August 11, 2005
A term often seen in text messages, typically used when the sendee is too polite to tell the sender what they really feel about them or generally written in the absence of personality. Very contagious phrase. Lol.
message sender 1: Hey. Lol. How are you?
message sender 2: Good. Lol
message sender 1: Lol
message sender 2: Lol
by Phyllis Birkenfloyd February 04, 2009
In a monologue on the internet, this word can also be used as a substitute for punctuation marks. Not very common, but it can happen.
Happy birthday lol I hope you have fun lol Tracy asked me if you would like to watch a movie with us at 3 and I have no idea how stupid I sound when I type like this lol so see you later lol
by goaway7569 March 27, 2008
A qualifier used to diffuse tension at the end of a particularly serious statement. The user of this qualifier usually anticipates a negative reaction (the nature of which is either anger or awkwardness) from the listener, and thus hopes that adding the word "lol" will convey a tone of facetiousness, which is often not discernible in netspeak.
Johnson: Hey Timothy, last night I shat in your mother's vagina and farted in her mouth, after which I proceeded to masturbate on her face and urinate all over her body lol.
Timothy: Haha, oh Johnson, you never fail to amuse me.
Johnson: I wasn't kidding, lol.
by Tone, like from the Freakout March 27, 2007
Abbreviation for "laugh out loud"
by sensfan March 18, 2013

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