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Means laugh out loud.
'He looks so wierd'
by abi March 20, 2005
Legs of lamb. Used by Bubbles when consulting his list of all the meat he and Ricky are planning to steal from the local delicatessen.

Bubbles: "...2 dozen pot roasts and 20 lols... otherwise known as legs of lamb."
by GanKKinG January 30, 2009
"lol" is slang for laugh out loud lazy kids how are on the computer wayy to much often use it..
Britney spears says: opse i think i did it again:-|
Kevin federline says: lol huh? :S
by Jenna333 August 08, 2006
word used to replace funny, hilarious or amusing, in general conversation. taken from the LOL tag on IM/MSN to mean Laugh out Loud, so intstead of laughing out loud, u just lol instead.
friend 1: "did you see that guy fall over??"
friend 2: "yeah man it was lols"

friend 1: "why did you break that glass"
friend 2: "just for lols"
by duffy88 June 10, 2009
LOL is an acronym for Ladies onLine
I was online this evening. I noticed there were many women online. I chatted with a few and LOL seem to be a common expression. Are the women uniting so that they may dominate men to a much greater extent than at present? Be on your toes lads, keep a weather eye open. Equality is one thing but a take over bid is a totally different matter.
by St. Ias November 02, 2005
LOL is a text message used regularly. It means Look Out Lover
The sexspecialist sent me a text message this afternoon.
I know I am on a promise of a hot time this evening as the message read LOL
by St. Ias September 25, 2005
an abbreviation for the city of Land O Lakes, florida. generally used by people from there and their grandparents in the keys.
Vanessa: yo, sara, what be yo address?

Sara: aw, shit man, it is 227 Hawk Hill Lp. LOL, Florida, 34639
Nowm what is this, 1895? who the hell writes letters?
by UrsulaBjörn February 15, 2009