lol is a word for sluts; hahaha is a word for normal lauging people, some people use lol to get to the your so funny stage then the i want to have sex, or one night stand stage.
"LOL, you are so funny, wow who wouldn't want to be with a man like you" so on and so fourth
by Achmedisthebest December 15, 2008
cult word

The cult started in the shepton area in england

people who put "<Lol?>" in their messenger name to symbolise being part of the cult

most also say "lol?" in public with question accent on it
person's messenger name:

Dave <Lol?> - join the cult
by Dayvmentalman June 16, 2008
A terms, which stands for 'lots of laughs' (unlike the term 'lol' which stands for 'laughing out loud'). It can also be used in a pluralized way, meaning that you are inteding to say a mu;tiple amout of lol.
John: Oh man i got owned!
John2: Lols!
by infamoussin5 June 10, 2008
lol stands for Laugh Out Loud!!1!11!!1!!
Example 1

player 1: I lke totaly pwnt you!
player 2: STFU!
player 1: lol!

Example 2

guy: DUUUDE i can like see the air!
girl: yeah duude! lol!

Example 3

ted: lol
ted: LOL
by christian.c August 13, 2006
The original meaning was "laugh out loud." It is commonly used on instant messageners across the world.
1.Now it has a meaning more of STFU (shut the fuck up) It is used to tell people you dont give a fuck what they are talking about, and that you wish they would shut up.
2.It is also used as a way to keep a boring conversation going on for quite a long time.
1) spacepowerxxx:today i saw your hair. it was kind of ugly.
uglyXXhair: LOL you meanie.

2) roarimfat:hey sup?
diexxxplease: nm you
roarimfat:im bored.
diexxxplease:lol. today i got an f.
diexxxplease:lol. it sucks
roarimfat: lol. yea.
diexxxplease:my moms gonna kill me. lol.
roarimfat. lol.

as you can see, the conversations were pointless times 24567876.
by tiffie April 20, 2006
expression used on rpg games by mindless fucks who need somebody to tell them if they're laughing. ("lol" means "laugh out loud", morons, it is not a question.)
player 1: Dude, that weapon sucks!

player 2: Lol?
by p1$$3d 0ff wh1t3 guy July 14, 2008
"Laughing out loud" or "Lot's 'o' liquor." Commonly used with nerds. Never heard it? Loser.
LOL!!! That is LOL!! LOL LOL LOL!!
by Krattus June 02, 2007

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