A word meaning laugh out loud. Often used in chatrooms or texting.
Him:Your mom died.
pointless reply:lol
by zorocks ya ya man April 13, 2008
Originally meant "lots of love" about 5 years ago on Windows Messenger that everyone used.
Some people started to get confused when their friends of the opposite sex would say "lol."
It was thought they were giving them virtual love, however, now most internet people are aware that over the years it has transformed to "laugh out loud." This is a virtual expression of amusement which is over used in the internet society.
mYMSNnAmEiSsOAnNoYiNg! says: howz u?
BuFfTiNglUFfUlOlZOmGiNitTiYErmIneTOo says: gdgd bit drunk tho
mYMSNnAmEiSsOAnNoYiNg! says: lol
by Chennie July 06, 2006

People think it means ''laughing out loud'' but it really means ''lack of laughter'' Often used in daily conversations on and off a computer or any other technological device
''So I went to a party yesterday and there was total lol I left 5 minutes early

Dumb blonde 1: I went to a funeral last week and there was lol you know cuz someone died?

Dumb blonde 2: You laughed? omg that's so not good.
by Your Mom in a bikini July 03, 2006
An abbreviation used while instant messaging that means you are laughing out loud sadly (lols).
Anthony: "I've been on facebook more than I play the guitar"
Anna: "lols"
by tikka15 August 02, 2009
An abbreviation of lollypop, commonly used by Westerners in the Oceania and Asia Pacific regions.
I'd like a lol right about now. My sweet tooth is playing up.
by nothing_by_nobody January 31, 2009
LOL - A pointless Acronym used when theres nothing to say, or when sum1 says something and you dont know what to say or, for tightasses to say that they dont mean something and should say lol so the other person doesnt think there a poof or has a thing for sum1 ect ect NB: If you know someone that always says lol to you stop talking to them
P1 - did you c mr smith 2day OMG
P2 - lol
Stoner - Yeah so im going to see a rock concert and smoke some crank wanna come
Nerd - lol
Tightass - hey sexy
Random chik - hi
Tightass - LOL JJ
Wannabe - Lets have sex
Chik he digs - WAH?????????
Wannabe - lol jj
by T3H J4S0MEIS7ER October 05, 2006
Prior to the adoption of text messaging and instant mesaging this phrase was used as a sarcastic response meaning "lots of luck".
Statement: I think I'll draw to an inside straight.
Reply: LOL
by Leptyne December 06, 2005

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