LoL used to be a term to describe laughing in an online conversation, meaning "laugh out loud"

Now, when used in actualy physical conversation, is a reference to an event, object, act, or thought, that is so stupid it could only be found on the internet.
"Dood, did you see that guy he looked like Guile from Street Fighter"

"LoL, you're an idiot."
by Jay Ferreira September 15, 2005
1.verb:to laugh out loud...usually used online when nothing else is to be said.
VikramMC:I ate 2 pancakes yesterday.
VikramMC:What is this "LOL" you speak of?
Sally:Laugh out loud you stupid indian!
by Pakman July 21, 2005
Laughing Out Loud, Laughing On-Line
McCaine is a Senile Old man,lol.
by TRuNYC September 08, 2008
A fast way to write "Laughing out loud" over IM's, TXT's, in chat rooms, etc.. You can tell what kind of person someone is by how they say lol in the real world. True pronunciation: lawl.
Jenny: Ell-oh-ell you are so funny!
Steve: "Ell-oh-ell"? Jeez I didn't know you were so preppy.
Craig: Lawl Steve I told you she wasn't your type.
Jenny: Oh-em-gee double u-tee-eff??? What makes me not your type???
Craig: Do you even know what lawl means?
Jenny: No.
Craig: Poser.
(Jenny and Craig make out, while Steve hooks up with a cooler person, who pronounces lol correctly.)
by Kikasu July 10, 2008
acronym for ''laughing out loud'', nevertheless due the over use of the word and its assimilation to every everyday chat conversations the correct meaning would be ''though'' in a backward usage. Intended to be use at the start or at the end of a sentence.
that video game is 30% off, are you ''gonna'' buy it
first use : yes, its expencive lol
second use: yes, lol its expenive
instead of ''yes, its expensive tough''
by Peter Manzo November 21, 2007
laughing out loud it an overly used phrase
ex: person number1: knock, knock\
now PERSON NUMBER TWO WOULD SAY: whos there lol
by hi its me May 24, 2007
Slang for 1)Laughing out loud or 2)lots of love
1)Chatter1:Yo mommas fat as yo poppa!
Chatter2:Shut up ill knock u out!

2)Chatter:Grandmas dying
Chatters brother: Tell her lol from me
by Spobe July 21, 2006

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