1. A word with no meanings, used on the internet to end a sentence. SImilar in function to the Japanese "desu"

2. Interjection to signify that one is vaguely amused by something.
A: Where were you yesterday?
B: I was playing all day lol.
As you see, the lol added to the end of the sentence by speaker B serves no purpose.

A: Yo, I bumped into this fat spic yesterday.
B: lol.
Speaker B is vaguely amused by A's encounter with an overweight person of Hispanic Descent.
by pujisak July 10, 2008
The most over-used word on the internet.
It is a word, if not used in uppercase, which shows the person has no interest whatsoever in the current conversation. Also used if one is an uncomfortable situation, and 'lol' seems like the only way out.
Paul: Katie..I have something to tell you, and i've been meaning to tell you for a while now.
Katie: ..?
Paul: I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Katie: lol
by omgitotezlikeluvu May 12, 2008
lol meaning laugh out load or lords oral love
lol laughing in text/ lord making love to a man
by nhl April 17, 2008
worthless reply to anything. usually on myspace, or in text messages.
person 1: oh my god. my grandma just died.
person 2: lol

person 1: i have cancer.
person 2: lol

by maharmanlarmamamama January 31, 2008
An abbreviation that stands for 'Laugh Out Loud'. Most commonly used in funny situations between people chatting online.
Susy: "Do you remember what happend at the club the other night?"
Allen: "LOL! Not really... I was really wasted!"
Susy: "LOL!"
by anonymous funky funk January 13, 2008
The act of 'licking one's limpets' as defined in the state of Utah.
If someone ever says lol to you in Utah, you're forced by law to drag them to a beach and make them eat little sea creatures attached to rocks.

Dude #1: Lol your grandma ate my house.
Dude #2: This is Utah, you plum. Now we have to go to the freaking beach. AAAAAAAAHH.
Dude #3: Word. Lick those limpets.
by Rory Jebadiah Limpetington November 26, 2007
Telling who you're chatting with online that what they said was funny, except you're not laughing.
'Oh gosh, my cat just puked.'
by asslikethatttt June 10, 2007
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