Means Laughing out Loud...

But is anyone every really Laughing out Loud when they write this ?

why not just write haha.....
Philis: Aw shit i just stubbed my toe

Cledus: lol

Philis: shut up ya Ass!!
by Rumple Steelflex September 23, 2009
The act to make sounds that show amusement, happiness, or ridicule.
We could hear the children LOL in the playground
by a stupid bitch12345 September 01, 2009
Lots of love.
"I wish we were able to be together again now! LOL!! XOXO!!"
by oldflagship July 24, 2009
The word 'lol' is just a simple reply, simply meaning the replier does not want to engage in a conversation with you. He/she also is not really 'laughing out loud'.
Replier - lol

by Emilyey May 02, 2009
By far the most cliche and over used word on the internet.
For those of you who lack the inteligence to decipher its meaning: Laugh out Loud
Nick: Alright if she askes about her liquer than we'll smash in the glass door and tell her some big black guy came in, stole the liquer and smoked a blunt with us.
Kyle: LOL
by Rabooza April 02, 2009
Defined as "laugh out loud." Used mainly in online chat conversations to suggest laughter, instead writing "hahaha." Created by the Japanese online kids, and at first was used sparingly. When the white people discovered and practically stole the phrase "lol," they began using it in massive quantities to the point where it had no meaning behind it, and no one actually laughed out loud any more when they wrote "lol." It now comes accross as a pity laugh and is extemely annoying.

Other more annoying and gay, if you must, variations include but are not limited to: lolz, lulz, lolx, lawl, LOL, LoL, lOl, lolxz, lolZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
dude3232: dude I think I have an STD because I found a cauliflower lookin thing growing on my cock.

guyx934: lol.

dude3232: its not funny man.

guyx934: you shouldn't have had unprotected anal sex with that fat drunk chick.

dude3232: lol.

by MAKSIMILIAN December 07, 2008
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