Lol means to "Laugh out Loud", although nowadays it is too overused in inappropriate situations to mean it's literal definition.
Jack: I had a detention today with Mr B
Jill: lol
by Cyber Chav December 12, 2005
Laughing Out Loud... usually used in chats or msm messages, quite easy to understand
-I think that Britney Spears is such a good singer
by Agustin December 06, 2005
A acronym used on the internet. The widley accepted longer form is Laughing Out Loud. However, many say it can be used as Lots of Laughs.It is contreversial if the word is overused or not..
It was funny, so lol.
by properness November 22, 2005
It means "Laughing out Loud". A common internet slang.
lolz is a retarded version of lol, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111one
idiot: d00d u uze lol ensted od lolz????????????????????////////////u r zo stoopit lolzzzzz
person: wtf??
by MaggieC June 17, 2005
A slang that used to stand for "Laugh out loud" but now frequently represents slight humor and acknowledgement of what is said. If someone was seriously laughing, instead of lol they would type LMAO or LMFAO! Lol is just another way to bump the conversation.
Someone: omfg, my dad took my car away from me!
someone2: lol... yea now we can't go to wal-mart.
by anonymous_user June 16, 2005
Used in awkward convosation with someone whom you are not familer with.
You: How was ur day?
Me: Crappy, lol
You: Wat r u havin 4 dinner?
Me: Pizza lol
You: lol
by |Georgie| June 10, 2005
1.Laughin out loud
2.a verbally expressed expression by people who spend way to much fricken time on the computer
2."oh that's so funny, lol" ____said
by pnkrckd13 June 09, 2005
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