A slang for "I aint got time for you"
Nickname: That monkey is so funny!
Person lol
Nickname: it makes me laugh!
Person: lol
Nickname: are u bz?
Person: lol
by 666-667 January 04, 2008
Usually means "laugh out loud", but most of the time when people say it, they're not actually loling. Along time ago when the computer was.. like.. just invented it might of meant "Lamer On Line" (which meant a lamer was online, lol.) and also sometimes "lots of love". It can also indicate that someone thinks whatever they just said is funny, or something. Or it can be said when the person doesn't know what else to say, or a response to a stupid joke, etc.
Person: ..then the kid tripped and when he got back up his nose was bleeding, >>lol.<<
Person: thats funny, lol.
Person 1: he said he got AID's :(
Person 2: LOL.
by [Aubrey] June 05, 2007
A word that used to mean either 'Laugh out Loud' or 'Laughing out loud', but is now so over used people tend to type it automatically, just to look like they are paying attention to what the other person is saying.
Like when you say a word over and over and it looses its meaning; that's basically what has happened here. It can be used almost anywhere as a sentance filler.
Person 1: Nice day today.
Person 2: Lol.

Person 1: Uhg, my boyfriend dumped me today. Then, after I almost got killed by a car, I fell downstairs and broke my leg.
Person 2: Omg lol XD

Person 1: Wanna go to town later?
Person 2: Lol sure.

Person 1: Hi how are you.
Person 2: Fine, you
Person 1: Ok. Whats up.
Person 2: Nm, you
Person 1: Nm. Lol
Person 2: lol
by Lady Lemondrop April 07, 2007
A "Tie-Fighter" seen from above.
Omg,look, a whole squadron of tie-fighter's!

l-o-l l-o-l
by Eudoros January 23, 2007
It means you suck if you say it.
Add sucky points for CAPS, added L's and !'s.
I killed someone LOLLL!!!!
by Zetanor September 03, 2006
Next to the well known laughs out loud, it's an actual word.
In dutch that is.

Lol means 'plezier' which, translated back to english, means pleasure, joy, delight, happy.

And even though this probably doesn't have any use to you, you now know it's an actual word. Even though it might not be in your language.
person1: Lol!
person2: Why do you use lame words that don't even exist?
person1: Its a wrd, just not in ur language, n00b!1!
person2: Well, atleast n00b isn't a word!
person1: STFU bastard
by damnallthenamesaretaken April 02, 2006
Used to mean "Laugh Out Loud" a while ago, now that it's SO widely used it usually means you're NOT laughing.
dorkz2: I love you.
sexi1: O THX LOL YAY
dorkz2: ...
sexi1: LOL WOT
dorkz2: Don't you love me?
sexi1: o of cousre lol
by coffeekid December 24, 2005
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