An expression of sadness. It means "Lord oh Lord".
Man we got our asses kicked again."lol"
by wright May 14, 2005
Lol was used to describe as Laugh Out Loud on the internet... on February 6, 2009 a person by the name of Lol B altered and macroed the definition for a shortened form of Laurence for people with the name.
I lol'd over Lol's joke.
by babtothebone February 03, 2011
LOL means "Laughing Out Load". But everyone know that one, right? It's old, and boring...
If you are laughing, and agree with me that lol is useless, instead use one of theese:
LMFAO = Laughing My F***ing Ass Off
ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
SQTM = Smirking Quietly To Myself
STM = Smiling To Myself
PMPL = Peed My Pants Laughing
GUIBS = Giggled Until I Broke Something
SFIFTL = So Funny I Forgot To Laugh
HSTF = Holy Sh*t Thats Funny
LTIC = Laughed Til I Cried
LSHIH = Laughing So Hard It Hurts
SomeRandomPerson#1: *something funny*
SomeRandomPerson#2: LOL
SomeRandomPerson#1: XD


SomeRandomPerson#1: *something funny*
SomeRandomPerson#2: LTIC
SomeRandomPerson#1: XD
by 'Cause this is serious sh*t October 05, 2010
laughing out loud , or lol , usually a conversation killer
guy 1: my grandmother died this morning

guy 2:lol

guy 3: you asshole !!!
by Wtf man ? September 01, 2010
LOL is Short for: Lots of Leather. Normally used in texts when referencing a person heavilly wearing leather. Can sometimes use the word "wearing" without to have to change it to "WLOL".
"Geesh. That guy was wearing LOL what's up with him?"
"Dunno, Probs one of them BDSM types."
2 Sam: "Have you seen Robert?"
Michael "Yeah, but don't go looking for him he is LOL its kinda embarrassing"
by whatshesaidABa April 12, 2010
: I thought it meant "Lord oh Lord"
e.g. "my, that is funny;surprising, hopeless, puzzling, etc. lol..
by Curioso etimologista June 08, 2009
origanaly and truly meant "lots of love"... but not everybody knew that so it turned to fricken "laughing out loud" and then ppl sed "lots of luaghs" and "luaghing out loud" so yeah suck it...
by jghghlgghjfhf May 26, 2009

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