lol inside of brackets is basically like a super LOL because it sorta looks like a tie-fighter.

Laugh out loud emphasized.
wow, that is so funny... lol
and this site doesn't let me use brackets in the example because it uses them to link to other words. lame. but, you get the idea there's an open bracket, then lol, then closed bracket. this almost isn't funny anymore because I had to spell it out to explain it.
by DRO4LIFE July 17, 2009
At one point, this word was a widely-used Internet acronym that stands for "laughing out loud." Now, depending on the context, it is a universal way of saying "I don't care" without the harshness of the phrase itself.
Guy 1: I got promoted at the workplace today!
Guy 2: lol
by N64gen July 02, 2009 overly used expression used to fill in your senteces to make them "flow easier"

2.usually used when chatting or texting to express that you are laughing.

(laughing out loud)

could also mean: lots of love

who really laughs out loud when they say lol? :P
all examples over txting or online chatting.

1. Lauren- "HEYYYYY WHACA DOIN!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany- STFU! and its WHATCHA not WHACA!

Lauren- LOL!!!!! are you mad at me or something!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? LOL!!!!

2. dude1 "Omgshh! I just fell down the stairs and hurt my pee pee! haha! im such a klutz!"

dude2 "LOL."

3. girl- " ok well i gtg now. talk to you tomorrow(:"

boy- "ok. see you tomorrow. lol and goodnight"
by skankhoes June 11, 2009
a term used when your unsure about what to say over the internet
the only logical thing to say was lol
by joeyjoejoejajoe May 23, 2009
Can stand for "Lovely Orgasmic Licking"....if u have a dirty mind.
"Oh....hey buddy, can u buy me a LOL?"

"See that chick over there? Yeah she gave me a LOL last night."
by frog-arse May 15, 2009

funny, laughing, giggling
we all started laughing.....LOL......jokes
by lisa12345678 May 06, 2009
it's original meaning, laugh out loud, is no longer used when using this word. LOL has evolved from "laugh out loud" to a haha meaning.
*after someone tells a joke* LOL, that's funny.
by padlfkajdoiavmkafd April 06, 2009
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