Before mean't , Lots Of Laughture or Laughing Out Loud

But now its mean Lack Of Laughture because no one actually laughts when they use it.
Retard 1: Then I smack his mother is the face!
Retard 2 *not laughing*:lol
by ROFLANATOR November 26, 2009
Laugh Out Loud
Guy 1: Imagine a chicken with two heads

Guy 2: LOL
by YamGirl October 31, 2009
Basically an all purpose term for anything ranging from mildly humerous, to raging hysterical.

The term used to be strictly an acronym for Laughing Out Loud, but it now means "I think that's funny" ALthough it used to be strictly confined to the internet, it has evolved into a word pronounced "lawl" and is sometimes spelled so.

Lol has gained many variations

I.E Lol, lul, lulz, loled, lawl, lolz, lols, luls, Lawlz, Lawlz etc.

It is only twenty years away from being in Merriam Websters dictionary
Christoper2022:33 P.M Yesterday, i Opened can of soup and drank it cuz I was to lazy to cook it

OrlndoBloomfan2:33 P.M Lol!
by Noogahoogah October 03, 2009
verb; (ELL-OH-ELL) the profoundness of the utterances of which someone speaketh which doth inspire the far corners of my lips to escalate into the cresent form of laughter.
text to jane: "omg i totally just saw the leader of the cheer squad face plant during practice!!"

text to jill: LOL
by SamiBoi September 27, 2009
Lob Off Lightly
When you live at home and your mum is walking round down stairs, you can't just go for it and give ya self a good old hand shandy, you have to LOL (lob off lightly) so she won't hear what you're up to!
by Tiny tony tobys September 25, 2009
Means Laughing out Loud...

But is anyone every really Laughing out Loud when they write this ?

why not just write haha.....
Philis: Aw shit i just stubbed my toe

Cledus: lol

Philis: shut up ya Ass!!
by Rumple Steelflex September 23, 2009
The act to make sounds that show amusement, happiness, or ridicule.
We could hear the children LOL in the playground
by a stupid bitch12345 September 01, 2009

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