Laugh Out Loud


League Of Legends
1: Dude, I almost pissed my pants while trying to tame a snake.
2: LOL.


1: Dude, wanna play LOL?
2: Fuck no.
by Chad The DoucheBag March 11, 2014
1: LOL could be an abbreviation for "Laugh(ing) Out Loud"
People will say it on websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, a lot of people say lol in texting, too. So it is a reaction to seeing something funny.

2: It could mean Lots Of Love for people that aren't familiar with it.

3: League Of Legends
1: Guy 1: Hey dude, look at this cat video
Guy 2: LOL

2: Person 1: I just got a Gecko
Person 2: Cool. They are very social animals. Be sure to give them LOL.

3: Guy: LOL is the best website ever!
by You Shall Never Know Who I Am September 09, 2012
Originally used for saying "laugh out loud" or "laughing out loud"
Now used for:
1. In awkward situations when you have nothing to say

2. Something you say after you say something mean, to imply you are joking when you are really not

3. Something you say when you are annoyed at the person you are texting
(1) Person #1 Hey, my grandmother died today, and I found out my dad has cancer. and my best friend overdosed and is in the hospital.
Person #2 lol

(2) Person #1 Hey, your breath smells really bad today and I hate ur
Person #2
Person #1 oh, and I think ur fat lol

(3) Person #1 So 13587 - y + 852371957 equals...
Person #2 lol
by KatieJaney3 July 05, 2010
"Laugh out loud" Or "Lots of laughs"
Commonly used in online chat rooms.
Can somtimes succeed to be very annoying
Often used when you can't be stuff to say anything else.
Rory: Yo mama
James: Lol!!
Rory: Lazy ass.
by XxABC123xX September 12, 2009
Well there are a lot of good definitions around here allready. But most people forgot the many different variations of how it's written.

Why do people use this variations? Well you know this whole urban thingy. Everyone like to be different and original. That's why some use these variations. Some allso use it bacause they believe variations such lolz are funnier.
here a list of some variations:
lawl, lolz, lel, lelz, lul, lal
by KukiShu April 08, 2006
Some say it is an abbreviation for "Laughing out loud", but, in actuality, it is for "Lusting out loud". Beware when somebody types "Lol"
randomsn1-whats black and white and red all over?
randomsn1- A penguin thats addicted to salsa!
randomsn2- lol
randomsn1- you sick bastard. I am blocking you.
by Anthony Miller September 17, 2005
extremely funny; laugh out loud


john:I forgot how to spell my name

by ezekiel lebron June 18, 2005

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