Means "laugh out loud" but 99% of the time the person who said it is probably not smiling, or they are even pissed off.
Boy: hey let's go have some fun tonight. You have nothing better to do with your life lol
Girl: hey u asshole. Wtf do u mean!! go die you worthless douche!

*She then later hits him with her car*
by blondesftw May 05, 2014
Laughing Out Loud. Something every American teenager, adult, child and preteen use in things that aren't that funny. Unless in all caps.
My sister still hides in the closet, LOL.
My sister still hides in the corner, lol.
by LoverGirlLoveYhu February 02, 2014
just a dumb thing people type/text meaning "laughing out loud" or "laugh out loud" when they still have a straight face on.
Average teenager 1: I think I just farted
Average teenager 2: LOL
Average teenager 1: u rly laughing
Average teenager 2: well.. not rly.
by Jam! December 11, 2013
An abbreviation of "Lots of love" or more commonly, "Laugh out loud"
"LOL that cat vid was so funny!"
by Bronydrone December 07, 2013
1. Abbreviation for "Laugh out Loud". Substitution for laughter.

2. How girls on the internet let guys know that they do anal
1. A- why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from your mother's ugly face!

B- What's the difference between your penis and your jokes? Nobody laughs at your jokes.

C- lol

A- F**k you

B- lol

D- lol

2. See slut
by Name removed by the NSA December 05, 2013
Stands for laughing out loud, and is often used when texting when someone texts something funny.
Girl 1: OMG do you remember what I did last night???
Girl 2: oh yeah lol
by GraceViz December 02, 2013
An indicator that someone is obtusely and severely mentally ill, deluded, incompetent or ditzy. Such persons derive a thrill from insulting people on usenet and message boards, then using "Lol" to lighten the mood, abeit in a pseudo way. When they really want to hurt their intended victim, they pull out a "LOL", "ROFLMAO", "LMAO" or "ha ha".

Taylor: Hey everyone! Listen to me singing "Maria" from West Side Story!
Nate: WTF! Horrible! You're a troll! This isn't the way to get us to accept you. What did you think you would accomplish by posting that?
Taylor: I wanted people to hear me sing..
Defender of Taylor: Nate, I really think that was harsh.
Nate: Lol
Taylor: What's so funny?
Nate: I was just trying to lighten the mood! Because that's me!
Taylor: Is that your story now?
by Internet people October 16, 2013

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