Abbreviation for Laughing out Loud or Lots of Laughs.
But now, however, it's just a useless reply when you can't think of anything else to say in a conversation on AIM or email.
Often overused.
Aimnerd12356: LOL
Kid546: what?
Kid: LOL!
by a person with a face March 18, 2006
meanings include laughing out loud, lots of love, but the internet and texting has morphed it into a saying you use to reply when you have nothing else to say back
Lol dude! I can't stop laughing
by dis weird chick December 20, 2014
The abbreviation of 'laugh out loud'. Used when you can't be bothered to reply to a text your friend sent that took 10 minutes to write.
Friend: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah... a hundred more blah's.

You: Lol.
by MrBen104 August 01, 2014
Used to mean "Laugh out loud", but is now used as "I have nothing else to say".
"She had the biggest tits ever!"


"Shut up with your dumb fillers."
by Potato with a jetpack June 18, 2014
LOL is an acronym for Lucifer our Lord. Be careful when using it around your Christian friends, they might think you are the devils spawn and burn you at the stake. Or possibly think you are laughing... Either way, it's a good way to tell who your fellow Lucifer Lovers are and build the most evilist cult in the world.
Cary: My baby just got burned by boiling water today. His skin has third degree burns.
Stephen: LOL
by NastyDelicious May 26, 2014
Laugh Out Loud


League Of Legends
1: Dude, I almost pissed my pants while trying to tame a snake.
2: LOL.


1: Dude, wanna play LOL?
2: Fuck no.
by Chad The DoucheBag March 11, 2014
1: LOL could be an abbreviation for "Laugh(ing) Out Loud"
People will say it on websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, a lot of people say lol in texting, too. So it is a reaction to seeing something funny.

2: It could mean Lots Of Love for people that aren't familiar with it.

3: League Of Legends
1: Guy 1: Hey dude, look at this cat video
Guy 2: LOL

2: Person 1: I just got a Gecko
Person 2: Cool. They are very social animals. Be sure to give them LOL.

3: Guy: LOL is the best website ever!
by You Shall Never Know Who I Am September 09, 2012

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