Generally speaking, LOL means laugh out loud, and has become a somewhat over used expression in today's online society.
Now it has even seeped into face-to-face conversation, resulting in lol being said after every sentence. Therefore, if you replace the word LOL with the meaning of CUM, things get interesting.
person who does not know the new meaning and is so using LOL as a "cool" word to use: LOL the bed, man
person who does know the meaning of LOL: me, i just use a tissue
by hank234 March 10, 2008
A handy signpost that morons can charitably use online to inform others that they are, in fact, a moron.
Moron: "wut lol"
Intelligent world: /ignore
by JackSlack February 10, 2008
A word meaning......
1. That's sorta funny
2. ok
3. I don't know what to say
4. I am greatly saddend by your loss
A. then i said ur m0ma!!11
B. lol

A.Let's go fuck 2night

A. Ur sucha bitch

A.OMG, i thINK My GRaNDmA Is Havin a HeartATack!!!!1111ong
B lol
by Mizterd urb August 25, 2007
a highly overused expression meaning "laugh out loud". part of the all to common internet lingo (lol, rofl, g2g, btw, brb, etc...) that floats around now a days, each letter represents a word, making typing on chat lines and/or online games faster and easier to type... but not always easier to read...

"lol" has now become an overused anoyance. most of the time the typer is not actually laughing and just adds it in as a filler in conversations. used alot when a said person does not know what to type, even if its HIGHLY out of place...
User1> ... and then my grandma died...
User2> lol
User1> ...
User2> wat? lol
User1> ... go die in a hole...
by Cpweary July 13, 2007
Abbreviation for Laughing out Loud or Lots of Laughs.
But now, however, it's just a useless reply when you can't think of anything else to say in a conversation on AIM or email.
Often overused.
Aimnerd12356: LOL
Kid546: what?
Kid: LOL!
by a person with a face March 18, 2006
The word you say. When something is funny. Lol means laugh out loud but it is shortened to lol
*trips* OMG I just tripped lol
by Trololololol person January 12, 2015
meanings include laughing out loud, lots of love, but the internet and texting has morphed it into a saying you use to reply when you have nothing else to say back
Lol dude! I can't stop laughing
by dis weird chick December 20, 2014

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