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Though the word lol means 'laugh out loud', it is very rarely used when one is actually laughing. It is used in many other circumstances. For example, in an internet conversation, the word lol is usually used when someone has no idea what the other person is going on about.
"Yeah so I was like, get a boyfriend, and she was like, no, and like, what's up with that?"
It may also be used when one is not listening, or just not bothered to pay attention to what the other is saying.
Lol u just got pwned
Lol that is so sad lol
Lol what lol?
by Supergeniuswashere October 30, 2009
This used to have two meanings ~ Laugh Out Loud and Lots Of Love... now it's just used to fill meaningless conversations and pretend to laugh at your friend's awful joke.
Person 1: ... and then she fell over the ant and broke her neck in like, twenty places and probably won't live.

Person 2: lol
by orangealienssaylol September 05, 2009
A global conspiracy revolving around a form of mind control acted upon teenagers by a coalition of world leaders. Use lol at your own peril.
Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie. Lol is a lie.

A lie, I tell you!!
by L05 June 18, 2009
a word to fill in awkward situations
girl 1: i think my dogs dying
boy 1: lol
girl 1: why are you laughing
boy 1: lol
girl 1: your so mean i hate you
boy 1: lol
by Physcadelic May 06, 2009
Generally speaking, LOL means laugh out loud, and has become a somewhat over used expression in today's online society.
Now it has even seeped into face-to-face conversation, resulting in lol being said after every sentence. Therefore, if you replace the word LOL with the meaning of CUM, things get interesting.
person who does not know the new meaning and is so using LOL as a "cool" word to use: LOL the bed, man
person who does know the meaning of LOL: me, i just use a tissue
by hank234 March 10, 2008
A handy signpost that morons can charitably use online to inform others that they are, in fact, a moron.
Moron: "wut lol"
Intelligent world: /ignore
by JackSlack February 10, 2008
A word meaning......
1. That's sorta funny
2. ok
3. I don't know what to say
4. I am greatly saddend by your loss
A. then i said ur m0ma!!11
B. lol

A.Let's go fuck 2night

A. Ur sucha bitch

A.OMG, i thINK My GRaNDmA Is Havin a HeartATack!!!!1111ong
B lol
by Mizterd urb August 25, 2007