What you must use for a period on Facebook. On Facebook the period key suddenly becomes disabled on your keyboard when trying to leave a comment or status so you must put lol at the end of your sentence even if what your writing doesn't even make you laugh out loud or is even the slightest fucking bit funny.
Person 1: r u picking up the milk on the way home lol
Person 2: yea lol
Person 3: lol
Person 1: what was so fucking funny person 3 lol
Person 2: yea person 3 lol
Person 3: i really don't know lol
by L.Train November 23, 2011
A common acronym for the game League of Legends
Get on LoL, I'm bored
by hitMN94 June 28, 2011
Everytime I use "lol" to someone I don't know, I'm most likely annoyed. Like if i say "lol" to a stranger it translates to "WTF KID?"
Guy 1: "That was so awesome, lol"
Guy 2: "Ya, lol."
by TheUnluckyGamer January 02, 2011
Teen web series, www.lolseries.com
Dude, did you see the latest episode of LOL?
by kaplanthornhill October 25, 2010
A drowning man, raising his arms in panic due to lack of laughter.
Person 1:Nice perfume but, showers work as well.
Person 2: lol
by Princess03 August 20, 2010
Laugh out loud.
Sometimes really old people think it things like, "lots of love," or, ask what it means.
Used when someone is laughing, but of course you can't see them, so they say, "LOL"

Also the same meaning,

It all pretty much means laughing.
Usually used when a person is bored, and with a blank expression on there face.
"I'M A BANANA!!!!!!!!!"

"p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker faceeeeeee!"
by toxic rainbows May 13, 2010
Originally created as an acronym for Laugh Out Loud, used mostly in internet chat rooms and online video games to express amusement, usually in response to a statement or joke made by another.

In the current day however, it has been massively overused and now basically means "I am too lazy to think of anything worthwhile to respond". Lol is also commonly used as a sentence filler, replacing periods or simply trying to make the statement not seem to serious. Unfortunately, it is not hard to fall into a habit of using it as the filler.

Now a days when people want to express actual amusement at a statement like lol originally meant, they will usually just spell out "haha" or enhance lol with an explanation point or multiple "L"s and "O"s.
Person 1: Hey
Person 2: Hey
Person 1: Lol
by Rubyissifis January 19, 2010

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