"Lol" is an expression used to express laughter, as it stands for "laughing out loud." This expression is mainly used on the internet as an abbreviation to express the idea that something is funny. The expression, however, is becoming overused and has lost some of its meaning. Many people now use it just to say something is funny, even if they arn't laughing.

The main point of this is to show how teenagers use the word, "LOL" and to amuse the thousands of perverts on this site.

PinkPollish21: i swear cindy i'm going to kill you! how come brad was talking to you? hes totally mine! forget bout us being bff!

cindydoll981: lol

(HOttBrad019 has entered the chatroom)

PinkPolish23: OMG brad, how come you were talking to cindy???

HOttBrad019: What? Cindy said it was ok nd u knew bout it.

PinkPolish23: WTF? wut r u guys talking bout???? baby is everything ok??

HOttBrad019: well last week when you went to florida we.. me and cindy .. you know..

PinkPolish23: lol funny joke baby. you didn't hav sex though? you were just fooling around, you...

HOttBrad019: No babe i'm sorry. we did. nd if u cant get over it then it's over damn that girl is so tight... o sorry bitch

PinkPolish23: CINDY - BRAD... how could you?

HOttBrad019: Cindy. tell her the rest so the blow is all at once.

cindydoll981: uhh, ig2g soon

HOttBrad019: dammit bitch! tell her!

cindydoll981: about the positions? the 69? the cum fiesta? how u ate me out? how you sucked on my tits? how your cock tasted so goood? how you felt so good inside me? your cum was so warm and milky inside me baby i love u.


PinkPolish23: omg.. i feel so hurt...brad i thought you loved me and only me

cindydoll981: oh, and bitch. u know how i missed the whole of sophmore year? that was like tottally because i was pregnant. its not the first time i've done it wit ur boyfriend. i did it with david 2 years ago.

HOttBrad019: Damnit! TELL HER.

cindydoll981: OKaY! I didn't have my period last week. i think im pregnant again

PinkPolish23: YOU SLUT


PinkPolish23: ..theres more? this is... unreal

cindydoll981: oh yea, and bitch.... I FUCKING LOVE YOU, YOU GULLIBLE BIATCHHHH

cindydoll981: APRIL FOOLS DAY!

PinkPolish23: What? cindy .. u didnt have sex with brad?
cindydoll981: course not. stupid.. dont u remember asking for tampons when i was over at your house yesterday? my period ends like tomorrow lol

PinkPolish23: OMg ur right.


PinkPolish23: DANG brad baby u owe me.. uve scared me to death tonight.

cindydoll981: LOL!!!! !!!!!! LOL!!!!!! !!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
HOttBrad019: LOL!!!! !!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOLOLOL!!!
PinkPolish23: omg it DOES seem funny now, lol!

cindydoll981: ow.. cramps again. ig2g you guys. bye!!
HOttBrad019: Lol bye!
PinkPolish23: bye BIATCH

HOttBrad019: Baby now we're alone... i do owe you ;)
PinkPolish23: yes u do baby lol
HOttBrad019: so i was thinking...
HOttBrad019: our paretns arnt home......
PinkPolish23: Babyy.. do u mean?
HOttBrad019: yess. i'll leave the door unlocked. come to my room and we'll have sex. lol.. i feel like i'm giong to cum already. we havnt done it yet. i'm sure u'll b so friggin tight, babes omg i cant imagine ur pussy juice once i hit your g-spot
by PinkPolish23 September 21, 2007
Misinterpretation held by many people's moms - "lots of love" instead of "laughing out loud." Best to use it in a situation where "lots of love" would be very empathetic and appropriate, and "laughing out loud" would be incorrect, disrespectful, and downright horrific.
I heard your brother passed away. LOL

I'm so sorry that you were in a tragic boating accident and are now paralyzed from the neck down. Call me if you need anything LOL
by sadiq823 August 11, 2009
Plural of Lol, mainly used when people are feeling silly. Or when they are talking about more than 1 Lol.
You make me lols.

Omg LOLS BBQQ!!!!!!!eleventeen!1111////
by AlexAhern November 02, 2007
The term used that is slightly nicer than saying, "Now that just wasn't funny." Not to be confused with 'lol' alone, without a period.
Over text:
"What kind of key opens a banana?"
"I don't know, what?"
"A Mon-key!"
by colsbby May 03, 2009
(n.) A drowning man. On some of the more literacy-conscious chatrooms, whenever anyone (usually a n00b) says lol, they are invariably greeted with cries of "Oh no! He's drowning!" or something of the like. The lol is a drowning man, his head (the 'o') and upraised arms (the two 'l's) visible above the water line. There have been numerous attempted positive spins on this meme, like the Headshot of Someone at a Party Theory, or the He's Not Drowning- He's Just Cheering Theory, etc., but none of them have really taken hold like the Drowning Man Theory. There are also numerous text variations, supporting various theories. Ex: *lol* is a variation on the Cheering Theory, where the cheerer has somehow obtained a pair of pom-poms, and ~~~lol~~~^~~~ is a yet more ominous version of Drowning Man, for, as you can see, there is clearly a shark slicing through the stormy waves towards the hapless lol. Prevent this slaughter of innocent swimmers. Don't lol.
In a chatroom:

n00b: haha lol

Regular: Oh noes! A drowning man!

In real life (ish):

Bob: Well, this is a pleasant day to walk along the beach *sees man drowning* Oh no! A lol!
by Not Dead Yet July 26, 2010
a rubbish slang term used by folk who really don't care. commonly seen on the internet or in text messages. shortening of the phrase "laugh out loud" which no-one on the planet has ever actually said, which begs the question, "why?"
Person 1 "I'm dying"

Person 3 "lol kk"
by dubya_is_wracked_lol August 04, 2006
This is an lol (Laughing out Loud), however it happens when you try to add an exclamation mark at the end of the lol, but your finger hits the shift button a little too early! We call this an lol Tracy-Style.
loL! That was too funny!! She totally wanted to partake in that Eiffel Tower!
by LKAndrew March 29, 2010
Slang for "laugh out loud" or alternatively "lack of lire"

When someone has failed in a business venture in Italy- or equally any foreign country- due to their misjudgment of the ease with which they can extract money from the indigenous population, consequently leaving them destitute and stranded in foreign parts resulting in their bitterness and trying to shift the blame for their failings on the "stupidity" of the locals. Hilarious!
1. Whats up with that miserable bastard?

2. lol

1.Oh right I heard he fucked up big time in his Italian business venture and he is blaming the Italians for him blowing his finances on a hair brained scheme and ending up bankrupt, the wanker.
by Skynyrdrebellion February 21, 2008

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