"Lol" is an expression used to express laughter, as it stands for "laughing out loud." This expression is mainly used on the internet as an abbreviation to express the idea that something is funny. The expression, however, is becoming overused and has lost some of its meaning. Many people now use it just to say something is funny, even if they arn't laughing.

The main point of this is to show how teenagers use the word, "LOL" and to amuse the thousands of perverts on this site.

PinkPollish21: i swear cindy i'm going to kill you! how come brad was talking to you? hes totally mine! forget bout us being bff!

cindydoll981: lol

(HOttBrad019 has entered the chatroom)

PinkPolish23: OMG brad, how come you were talking to cindy???

HOttBrad019: What? Cindy said it was ok nd u knew bout it.

PinkPolish23: WTF? wut r u guys talking bout???? baby is everything ok??

HOttBrad019: well last week when you went to florida we.. me and cindy .. you know..

PinkPolish23: lol funny joke baby. you didn't hav sex though? you were just fooling around, you...

HOttBrad019: No babe i'm sorry. we did. nd if u cant get over it then it's over damn that girl is so tight... o sorry bitch

PinkPolish23: CINDY - BRAD... how could you?

HOttBrad019: Cindy. tell her the rest so the blow is all at once.

cindydoll981: uhh, ig2g soon

HOttBrad019: dammit bitch! tell her!

cindydoll981: about the positions? the 69? the cum fiesta? how u ate me out? how you sucked on my tits? how your cock tasted so goood? how you felt so good inside me? your cum was so warm and milky inside me baby i love u.


PinkPolish23: omg.. i feel so hurt...brad i thought you loved me and only me

cindydoll981: oh, and bitch. u know how i missed the whole of sophmore year? that was like tottally because i was pregnant. its not the first time i've done it wit ur boyfriend. i did it with david 2 years ago.

HOttBrad019: Damnit! TELL HER.

cindydoll981: OKaY! I didn't have my period last week. i think im pregnant again

PinkPolish23: YOU SLUT


PinkPolish23: ..theres more? this is... unreal

cindydoll981: oh yea, and bitch.... I FUCKING LOVE YOU, YOU GULLIBLE BIATCHHHH

cindydoll981: APRIL FOOLS DAY!

PinkPolish23: What? cindy .. u didnt have sex with brad?
cindydoll981: course not. stupid.. dont u remember asking for tampons when i was over at your house yesterday? my period ends like tomorrow lol

PinkPolish23: OMg ur right.


PinkPolish23: DANG brad baby u owe me.. uve scared me to death tonight.

cindydoll981: LOL!!!! !!!!!! LOL!!!!!! !!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
HOttBrad019: LOL!!!! !!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOLOLOL!!!
PinkPolish23: omg it DOES seem funny now, lol!

cindydoll981: ow.. cramps again. ig2g you guys. bye!!
HOttBrad019: Lol bye!
PinkPolish23: bye BIATCH

HOttBrad019: Baby now we're alone... i do owe you ;)
PinkPolish23: yes u do baby lol
HOttBrad019: so i was thinking...
HOttBrad019: our paretns arnt home......
PinkPolish23: Babyy.. do u mean?
HOttBrad019: yess. i'll leave the door unlocked. come to my room and we'll have sex. lol.. i feel like i'm giong to cum already. we havnt done it yet. i'm sure u'll b so friggin tight, babes omg i cant imagine ur pussy juice once i hit your g-spot
by PinkPolish23 September 21, 2007
A happy face that has been bred with a lol.
It may be used in moments where a normal lol is not up to standards.
Man 1: Dude look at this cat eating a fish

Man 2: Lol)
by mmmsnsna December 30, 2008
A Tiefighter seen from above.
Oh my mustard, look, a squadron of tiefighters!




by Eudoros January 24, 2007
Laughing Out Loud Silently. Used when someone says something that is supposed to be funny, but it actually isn't. Does not cause offence, because usually the person you say 'LOLS' to, thinks that you are just using the plural of the commonly used abbreviation, 'LOL' (laughing out loud). Can be used in any situation where abbreviations are appropriate.
Nathan: Oh my gosh, guess what happened to me today? I was walking, in the rain, and I got WET!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Marcie: LOLS.
Nathan: I know! It's like, hilarious, right?
Marcie: Sure. Whatever you say, Nathan.
by Barclay Crayfish September 04, 2010
Laughing out "loud"...quietly and drawn out.
Laughing but not thinking whatever the comment was, was funny.
Person A: "You're kind of cute you know that?"
Person B: "Oh... thanks.. lol.."

Person B: "lol..." (oi.. what a moron.)
by LadyVindictive May 16, 2005
stands for 'laughing out loud' or not so commonly, 'lots of love'

people say it in texts and on msn, myspace and places like that.

now it's completely worthless, and just fills copnversation gaps.

teenagers are using the internet so much now, they even say 'lol' out loud. which is pathetic, lets be honest
holly: hey
izzy: hi!
holly: you alright?
izzy: yeah, you?
holly: yeah thanks
izzy: ah wicked
holly: yeah
izzy: lol.
holly: lol.


holly: i hate my life its so crap i really really want to die cause my family have cancer and my dog got run over and im failing at school and all my family hate me. i'm gonna kill myself
izzy: haha lol.
by x rita x November 22, 2006
LOL(also written as lol in other languages) is a common term which is catagorised under "internet slang" The term is widely known around the world, and the term has even speard to the extent where people say it face to face. It is an expression of "Laugh out loud, Laughing out loud, Loads of laughter" The term lol is less frequently known as "loads of love, lots of love or Lots of luck"
over 90% of the time, people aren't really laughing when the term lol is used, although LOL written out as capitals, has greater chance of the person laughing.
Variations on the term are as follows:
lal or lawl: The pronounciation of lol, phonetically correct.
Lolz: Frequently used in place of lol
lulz: Is frequently used being a corruption of lol.
mdr: A French expression of "lol", initials stand for "Mort de rire" translates to "Dying of laughter"
555: Is the thailand variation, 5 is pronounced as "ha" in Thai, therefore 555 would be "hahaha"
asg: Sweedish abbreviation of the term asgrav, meaning Intensive Laughter.
Kek: Founded from the popular online game known as World Of Warcraft, it's the hordes translation to lol.
kik: An easily made typo of the term lol, understandable from most people, as the "O" is directly above the "L" and the "K" is next to the "L" with the "I" directly above the "K"
The word lol is also used when the distrubuter of the word doesn't have anything to say in response, therefore he will use the term lol, hoping the other guy will elaborate on what he said, or change the topic all together.
That joke was just lol.
by Apoldelyne July 10, 2008
Løl, also løl, LøL, lØl, løL, LØl and lØL, means the same as lol.
Mostly Scandinavians uses this, since they have got the "ø" on their keyboard.
Boy: Wanna go out with my brother?
Girl: Hell yeah. Løl!
by Chrallestar October 05, 2008

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