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Popular RuneScape PKer, known from Team Ghetto, SwiftIRC, World 44 on RuneScape and friends with Hansenmol, P 0 N G O and H e r o x v2
Lol Spec Lol: See that kid over there in full Dharok's? P 0 N G O: Ye. Lol Spec Lol: Not anymore. (Dharoker dies, 34, 38 DDS Spec.)
by Lol Spec Lol October 25, 2008
One badass dude, makes YouTube videos, PKs, has sex with your mother and drinks coke, your hero.
Lol Spec Lol If I wanted to look like some huge nerd I'd go for rank 1, but I'd rather not tbh, then I'd get bored and look like I have no life, tbh look at Zezima, he finally realized that being ranked 1 was fucking retarded and quit, got a girlfriend, got her pregnant, he's getting married, maybe if Gertjaars got off the computer he'd get a real gf insted of an e-gf that was gonna dump him from the beginning
by GaryBH July 05, 2009
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