im talking down town brown vulcanic diahorrea. the process of getting from your desk to the toilet whilst experiencing bubbly vulcanic diahorrea.
hes going the distance
hes going for speed
hes all alone
in a time of logan need
because he was
racing and pacing and plotting his course
to try stop the brown stuff from running on his shorts.
to the tune of cake going the distance, logan's run
by Logans January 26, 2007
Top Definition
A badass movie about the future and how human emotions are all crazy and shit.
Derek: Hey any of you kids seen Logan's run?
Crew: No we're fruity B
by Drock April 01, 2003
Deryk's bad attempt at trying to be a narly feller.
Deryk: "Hey Friends! Have any of yall sluggers seen my fantastic flick Logan's run?!?!?!"

Crew: "Shut the fuck up nigga poo"
by D'Licioso April 01, 2003
It is what Jaclyn Logan xp manager dose to you when place on a development action plan
If you miss phone goal at Convergys
by Thors hammer December 20, 2004
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