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A high school located in Anaheim, CA it was in point in time considered a very good high school, although it has lost it's quality and reputation over the years. Home to the Saxons, it has many notable alumni including Gwen Stefani and Jeff Buckley. The school tends to have a wide variety of students, although it is now predominantly Mexican. Unfortunately it's faculty and administration have gone down to the shithole.
"So dude where do you go to school?"

"Loara High School..."

"Oh I'm so sorry... Well, at least you don't go to Anaheim"
by pakman786 October 15, 2007
It's a very cheap and poor school that I sadly attend. Half of the pupils here cannot even speak proper English due to their Mexican culture/heritage. Most of the population is Hispanic people who can probably barely afford to pay their rent. They have no class, are very rude & absolutely have no manners whatsoever! The school is filled with wanna be "cholos" "thugs" & "gangsters" who wanna be from a gang & claim they are but its all talk They dress in baggy ass clothes 3x bigger than them, usually white tees, Dickie jeans & some fake gold chains There are also white trash stoners/skaters that hangout at some place called Palm Lane to smoke weed after school, fights occur there also too The girls are all ghetto & most just throw themselves at guys, desperate for attention The faculty sucks, the academic scores are low, our auditorium is small and the track is just dirt, there is no football field. It's basically a concentration camp. people talk shit on everyone but don't say it to their face, there's no agendas/planners. Kids think they're the shit when they're really not. Girls try to dress trendy with their fake brand stuff but really they're just beaners & border hoppers who need to migrate back to Mexico. There's not a day that goes by where you see kids who aren't hopping over the fence to ditch & hangout at the corner liquor store "Veecos" or some chunti restaurant called Britos rarely any of the student body here owns car due to lack of financial resources
Juan: hey, do you know where Loara High School is?
Stephanie: oh yeah! the ugly one down the road from Disneyland, it really doesn't belong there it's so foul looking.
by social outcast June 19, 2016
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