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It means 'That is pretty cool'
by iSammySnail September 09, 2010
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can be used as a noun for anything! its just fun to say! Can be used as a verb in the form of loamed. Loamy is also an appropriate form.
I loamed all over that potato.
by loamy potatoes inc October 19, 2009
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Lord Over All Murkage.
Will, a unsure 19y old student living in manchester, got his viritual character "Willdu".
While Will plays his virtual character, he likes to "murk", and after 6hours daily for some months, he really got the hang of it.

Therefor, willdu got entitled L.O.A.M.
-Man, you've heard of the new L.O.A.M.?
-Nah, is there a new L.O.A.M.? Since willdu quitted
by Stisn November 26, 2008
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