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Lō-fĭn (v)

1. to tarry about unwittingly

2. to be unaware of one's surroundings
Dude A: My man got robbed.

Dude B: Damn, how'd that happen.

Dude A: They caught him loafin.
by Dee Montgomerry Pennyworth May 21, 2009
57 23
To be fake or full of it. Or to tell an obvious lie.
Tony: So you gonna dance wit me at the Go-Go?
Maggie: I would but my boyfriend gonna be in there.
Tony: Man you be loafin!
by Butta07 March 18, 2007
299 124
When someone is taking their sweet time. Lazing around. Causing someone else to wait.
Yo, why you loafin? I've been waiting out here for 20 minutes!
by LumberJak April 22, 2006
221 76
to get silly,or act stupid
jessica be loafin' like shit.
by Mj_izzle May 24, 2008
10 4
It has no definition, but it can be used to replace a noun verb adjective or any other word.
Brooooo you loafin real hard!
by vChxWder February 22, 2012
5 10
Trippin, Being a dickhead, Or not giving the person telling you that your Loafin whatever they want.
Ahmad; Can I Copy The Math Homework?
Ricky; Nahh Moe, Why Didnt You Finish It?
Ahmad; I was watching porn...Mobile-PornHub
by RAnga Hah Dilyum De RAngeh Bob November 09, 2009
18 26
Messing up.
Pressing the 2nd floor elevator button, on the 2nd floor.
"Man, you think i'm loafin???"
by M&Mtwix January 08, 2009
21 41