hair-do, particularly that of a guy whose hair is not short yet doesn't budge.
(to a friend, before approaching a girl): Yo, how's my loaf?

ex. Vanilla Ice, Jimmy Johnson, Ace Ventura
by anon March 27, 2005
Means a person is fakin
Can also be used at the end of jokes
Sherie you be Loafn You know u wan to give up da yea
by Steven Walker February 03, 2008
A fat, obese, and gross person that wears clothing that doesn't fit them. Their rolls of fat normally slide out of their shirts.
loafyyy, your so fat
by bibabo April 21, 2007
referring to someones oddly shaped head that resembles a bread loaf.
holy that guy has a huge loaf
by bob hermansonton March 22, 2006
loaf - to headbutt someone in the face.
I loafed that stupid pig right in his stupid fucking face.
by Robin Farrell July 30, 2004
noun. a chunk of bread
"I ate that loaf you bought."
"You bastard!"
by bill November 20, 2002
1. A shaped mass of bread, cake, or sugar.

2. To be lazy or idle. To pass the time in a leisurely manner.
1. It is relatively easy to make bread if you have a few hours of your time.

2. During the hot summer days, a lot of folks simply loaf in the shade.
by AYB June 29, 2003

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