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hair-do, particularly that of a guy whose hair is not short yet doesn't budge.
(to a friend, before approaching a girl): Yo, how's my loaf?

ex. Vanilla Ice, Jimmy Johnson, Ace Ventura
by anon March 27, 2005
A useless, overweight person.
Billy's ex-girlfriend, herself a loaf, married another loaf.
by enzio March 08, 2005
"A Loaf" refers to a whole uncut bread, not a chunk. A loaf is the complete item, as removed from the oven. Bread in it's virgin state. (Western style bread I think, doesn't really work for unleavened breads eg. Pitta, Nan, Chappatti etc.).
Are you going to buy a wholemeal loaf or a granary loaf.
What a ready sliced white loaf? Shame on you!
by Agent Smith May 24, 2003
to fucking shred
i loafed today with the boys
by laofdacity February 16, 2011
Often related to guys with the name of Carl. Because they are loafy. A loaf is accustomed with bread. It is the style in which bread is baked.
Ex.1: I just made an excellent loaf of bread.

Ex.2: Look at Carl. Man, he's a loaf.
by beasty95 August 11, 2010
1. The Best.
2. Sex.
1. -Who's Loaf?
-He's the best.

2. -Yeast is constantly having sex. In your bread. Loaf = Sex.
by Broseph Sammich May 26, 2010
Ham- all that needs to be said
Ham is the loafest of the loafs
by not a loaf February 12, 2010
Money is called bread. So a loaf is a big stack of money.
I keep a loaf in my pocket
by Gfm Ev October 25, 2008