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A play on lmao and Mao Zedong, much like lmaonade.
I was talking to Alex and he made me Lmao Zedong when he told me that the Lollercaust was so dangerous because of the Zyclon-Brb in the death camps
by King Pwn April 16, 2007
lmaozedong, also known as roflmaozedong, is a variation of the commonly used abbreviation lmao, meaning Laughing-My-Fucking-Ass-Off.

it is used to express humor, and is commonly used by people who are awesome and/or sexy beasts

lmaozedong > roflcopter
"I heard that joke and was like 'LMAOZEDONG!'"
by Eric Guan October 18, 2007
the chinese dictator of the lulz
All: All hail Lmao ze dong!!
Bob: roflmao comrade
by abcdefghijkroflmao October 05, 2008