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An unusual person with an unusual name who just happenss to be crazy and be one of the best people eva ;) (except for me of course)
That lizzet is so funny! She bursts out in class w/random noises.
by LOLgirl345 October 04, 2011
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The most amazing person on the whole entire planet. The most loyal, trustworthy, and the most flawless girl ever. She can make you feel special and worth it. She is the most gorgeous person you'll ever meet. When you get the chance to date one you better make sure you never lose her.
Damn......who's that
That's a Lizzet, you can tell cuz she's gorgeous
by Bestfriend000 February 01, 2016
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Lizzet is one of those people who are worth everything ;) she's one of the best people ever I mean look at her that smile you get lost in isn't it beautiful :))))) she happens to be the most loyal ,trustworthy ,funny , beautiful girl ever !!! And most inportantly she has a true and honest heart and will keep any secrets on bad or good conditions :} she can be weird at time bursting out in to class with the most random noises .......that lizzet ughhh she's so damn perfect every little part of her and every one likes and wants her if you ever get one make sure to never lose her 💗!
Boy 1 : damn who is that

Boy 2: look at her she's so beautiful

Boy 3: well it's a lizzet of course
by Helpless little girl April 14, 2017
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