any mad girls called elizabeth, with delusions about her cup size and the need to get into the pants of any boys she meets, she expresses some lesbian tendencies, but not enough to worry ella gibson, however she's nice, hilarious and we love her to death!
'holy shit, she was like cuddling me, she's such a lesbian'
'nah, i just saw her with dom, she's a lizbian.....'
by BFFL meow October 19, 2011
Top Definition
A fanbase name for the girls who LOVE the actor/singer Liz Gillies. They differ from her other fanbase "Gillians" in that they support not only her career, but her bangin body as well. You can tell a Gillian and a Lizbian apart by noticing that Lizbians talk about Liz Gillies' boobs more than or as much as they talk about her music while Gillians will only talk about her career. Gillians are boring. Lizbians are the fun, honest ones.
"I heard that Jessica is a Gillian."
"She's a Lizbian. Get your facts straight."
"Yeah. She wants to make out with Liz Gillies' face."
by Lizbian111 November 22, 2012
A sex crased bi-sexual. Has mad drunken partys. See also lezfest.
Oi Lizbian! Whens the Party?
by Minardi May 07, 2005
A lesbian lizard. Also known as a lizbo.
Man, my Lizbian has been acting up. She won't stay in a cage with my male lizard cuz she likes the ladiez.
by bqotg December 25, 2010
A girl that pretends to be a to be straight and is actually not.
Wow that chick i met was a real Lizbian!!
My girlfriend loved it!
by Underbringer March 23, 2005
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