Home of 100 thousand undereducated white folk. a place where the only ones who succeed are attending/attended a private school. you cant expect much from any public school graduate, but i do hear they have a nice class reunion at the local community collage.

Although Livonia is the whitest city in America, Livonia's black population has increased due to the recent school closings in Detroit.

Even with 100 thousand residents the cops never have to do anything worth talking about. there are about 5 things on the top 10 exciting things in the history of Livonia.

there are two sections of Livonia- South of 6 mile road and North of 6 mile road. south includes low/middle-middle class citizens and the north includes upper-middle class citizens who are still too poor to live in Canton or Northville.

Livonia consists of emos, goths, and wiggers who have nothing to rebel against and you cant forget about the preps who are too high to do anything productive in ones life.
hey, im from livonia so i must be gay
by Faux Vie July 26, 2007
Top Definition
A city in livonia whose population has been steadily decreasing since the 1970's because as scientific studies have shown, it is tied with Antarctica the most boring place on earth, although many residents will argue that living in Antarctica is far more badass. There are 3 high schools in the LPS system (where having kids at your graduation is considered cool):

Stevenson: Everyone at this school thinks theyre the shit cause they come from "rich livonia" which is about as rich as Rich and Rare whiskey. they usually have a decent yet overrated hockey/football team and are known for talking excessive shit while running up their parents credit card debt. They had a nasty herpes outbreak in the 90s and continue to have most of the blood from their blood drive rejected due to STDs. Havin kids at graduation makes u cool

Churchill: The "in the middle" school. its not much more exciting than the city itself. their football team hasnt won a game in 78564 years (yet stevenson still gets a big ego booster from beating them) and their hockey was good but now it sucks

Franklin: Ohh boy This school has almost as high of standards as Clarenceville. nobody here makes more than 5 dollars a decade but they still manage to get fucked up every weekend. There was a fight there a few years back where a kid was airlifted to u of m (a place that no student of that school will ever attend) but not much came of it except street cred. Shitty/cheap drugs are easy to get at franklin
I'm from livonia, can you spare either a penny or a blank credit card application?
by ChildOfLivonia February 02, 2010
Livonia used to be one of the whitest cities in america, and just recently increased its non-white population. Livonia has 3 high schools, middle schools and various elementary schools, the three high schools being:

Stevenson (aka Sparkle-valley high or STD-evenson) has most of the rich population in Livonia, which isn't saying much, and also has the most STDs out of all the high schools in Livonia. It's rival is Churchill it is said that out of the three high schools, Stevenson "sells the drugs".

Churchill (aka Dirt-hill or Pill-hill) is the most average and boring of the high schools. It is known to host the MSC program, containing most of the smart kids in the area, although only 30 are accepted per year. Recently Churchill's Varsity Football Team went almost undefeated until the playoffs, and the freshman team was city champ, putting both Franklin and Stevenson back into their places. It's rival is Stevenson. Out of the three high schools, Churchill is known to "make the drugs".

Franklin (aka Skank-lin) is a school full of prostitutes and drug dealers. Not much else is known about Franklin, and many people forget it actually exists. Once every few years a person graduates from Franklin, and then they overdose the next year anyway. After Bentley highschool was taken down, Churchill became Stevenson's rival and Franklin was left without one. Out of the three schools, Franklin is known to "use the drugs".
Person 1: "Did you hear about Livonia?"

Person 2: "You mean the city that has Churchill?"

Person 1: "Yeah, and those other two crappy schools."
by Welcome_to_LTown September 14, 2013
A cozy family friendly yet predominantly white suburb just west of Detroit MI full of Northville-Novi upper-class wanna-be’s, useless potheads who still live with their parents and uppity chicks who spend too much time at Abercrombie & Fitch. Most young adults and teens of Livonia use drugs and if you had just moved to Livonia, chances are you will use drugs as well. 70% of the born residents grow up to suck at life due to parental coddling and the influence of the public school system. Cities like Livonia also supply kid friendly neighborhoods and nice overpriced housing for uneducated douche bags that work for The Big 3. Livonia is # 1 living quarters of choice for those useless walking sacks also known as United Auto Workers. Hook Up potential at the many bars within Livonia is very favorable considering most teen to 20 something women will fuck anything with a Mustang and bank account.
Them damn Livonia kids... see, now you to are going to grow up to be a peice of shit.
by Farmer Ted 06 June 06, 2007
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