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Livingston, New Jersey, a town of about 30,000 in Southwest Essex that's arguably the capital of Jewish New Jersey. Pretty much a modernized wasteland of suburban sprawl, McMansions, and ranch houses, mostly Jewish, and the rest Korean and Chinese. Home to the infamously declasse Livingston Mall, where the "only worthwhile stores are the Sears, Lord & Taylor, and Macy's", as opposed to the far more expensive options of the Short Hills Mall, and also as home to the infamously corporation-like mafiosos of the health care system, St. Barnabas. Many Orthodox Jews and Israelis live in Livingstein as well. Livingston is considered infamously JAPpy, as bad as Scarsdale, though the JAPs here equal Long Island JAPs in terms of bitchiness and vulgarity.
I've never seen more nosejobs than at a cocktail party in Livingstein!
by JLe March 06, 2005
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