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A unique series of "dead" dolls created by Ed Long and Damien Glonek. The dolls come with their own name, look, accessories and even a death certificate, explaining in a clever poem how the doll met its fate. The first to be made in the series was Sadie, the little murderess clad in black, who is still very popular and was also made as a dead schoolgirl. Following her were the zombie Posey, the evil bunny Eggzorcist, the undead schoolboy Damien, and the crimson-clad devil girl Sin. There are currently twelve series.
I am the proud owner of Chloe, the first doll in series twelve.

Chloe's death certificate:

"Claustrophobically confined six feet under
Chloe couldn't move and started to wonder
'If I'm stuck down here, will I survive?'
It was then she knew she was buried alive."

If you like creepy things and don't scare easy, visit the Living Dead Dolls website.
by iloveldds June 25, 2007

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