Liverpool Fc the most succesful club in england not britain cos rangers are with 50 somehting titles and so many cups i've lost count
50 something titles and so many fa and league cup wins and the the only scottish team to go past the group stage in the champions league. were as Liverpool FC have only got 18 titles
by international man of mystery September 12, 2006
Top Definition
The most successful English football team ever. Widely regarded as having some of the most loyal and passionate fans in world football.

Champions of England 18 times
5 European Cups
7 FA Cups
3 UEFA Cups
3 European Super Cups
7 League Cups
15 Charity Sheilds
Anfield Liverpool FC
You'll Never Walk Alone
by mckattack May 27, 2009
a Spanish football team based in Merseyside.
In a couple of years, Spanish players will outnumber English players on LFC by a 50-0 margin.
by International Bad Boy March 17, 2005
Evertons bastard child
Gobshite: What history have you got?

Everton fan: we won the league on your ground berfore you existed You twat

Gobshite: *doesnt understand because he is actually from norway*
Liverpool fc are wank
by Blue_Rob March 25, 2006
A football (sic) team, Everton FC's illegitimate offspring. Locals appear to shun them, however hoardes of out of towners and even out of countryers tag on to the name of the city for a few hours once a fortnight in the hope of establishing a rapport between themselves...and then sod off agin.
"Scuse Signori, I come to watch football match for to see Liverpool? Where is being Anfield?"
by Mick D August 29, 2003
The worlds most big-headed wankers. Mainly from Norway and London, never from Liverpool. Glory Hunting Twats. Should be shipped to turkey because they love the city of Istanbul so much. Also known as reshite and there so called fans known as kopites.
Liverpool Fc are big headed wankers who need to get a life!
by craig-h May 24, 2006
name given to a team originating from the region of merseyside. pretty much all of the fans are fake and seem to believe that every player to walk through the doors of analfield are gods until they realise they are actually rubbish. sadly liverpool do have some proper supporters who do go the game and care about the team however most fans started supporting liverpool in 2005 and actually are tourists and come from scandinavia and other long distance places. dont get me wrong they are'nt actually that bad however their fans make it worse for themselves by murdering 39 juventus fans away from home in a european cup match.
seem to think that they are back in the 80's when they were good, winning many a trophie which no-one can take from them however still think for the past 16 years that they will win the league at the start of every season only for their dreams to be thrown away with 6-8 games to go. refer to the team as WE alot even though they particularlly dont care but hate everton and man u because everyone else seems to.
-who do you support
-liverpool fc
-oh yeah (asshole) since when?
-yesterday, WE won :D
-shut up nobhead
by ivan franko April 25, 2008
The best team in the World. 41 Trophies, including 5 Eurpoian Cups and 18 Domestic League Titles. Won the Champion's League on 25th of May 2005.
Gerrard and Carragher are England's two best players and they play for Liverpool F.C.
by LFC-Chris July 11, 2005

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