A city in the Bay Area in northern California. Located in Alameda County(same county as Oakland). Population 82,000+. Livermore's downtown is hella sick now that they fixed it up and brought some good stuff in. There are two high schools which are overcrowded. The air quality is also below average.
me: livermore is pretty sick.
douche: what's livermore?
me: fuck you
by Obi Han Kinobe September 26, 2007
Top Definition
925/x925x. Liverbore/Live No More/Livebromore. A city with a population roughly around 76,000 people. Full of friendly people, great businesses, and a great place to raise a family. The high schools, however, are currently overcrowded, and they need to build another one. Viewed as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, terror attack-wise, because of "The Lab" (Lawrence Livermore Lab) where various government experiments and projects go on, and it being a major target terrorists could hit and cause radioactive and nuclear disaster.

Punk/hardcore/indie shows are held at Unity Skate Shop, Magoo's Pizza, the Elk's Lodge, and the Odd Fellow's Hall.

The In N' Out is a popular hang out spot for teens.

Granada Bowl is also a popular spot.

Off Airway Blvd. and down the highway is Dublin and Pleasanton, Livermore's sister cities.

(I find myself at a loss for more places/things to say/etc., so if anyone wants to add more, feel free to.)
I just went to a Unity show last night in Livermore. It was killer, as usual.
by Ryan McGinnis November 20, 2005
This goes for late-night.

When everything else is closed, but you are still awake this is what you do:

Go to the Donut Wheel.

Go to Nation's Burger and pick up a milkshake.

Go check out how destructed our downtown has become.

Well thats about it. Livermore, Lovermore, LiveForMore, has been trying to make our city look better, at the same time ruin all entertainment and activity. You tell me if that sounds counter-productive.

Donuts and milkshakes at 4am.

Yay Livermore
by David Benterou September 09, 2006
A town where people need more healthy livers because everyone drinks away their boredom.
"Hey we're in Livermore, what should we do?"
"What are our other options?"
"Drink more?"
by Don't Contact Me I'm Unstable2 April 22, 2010

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