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A slang term for Cleveland, OH.

Cleveland is nicknamed "Little Chicago" or "Lil Chicago" because of it's many similarities to Chicago, but everything is just on a smaller scale. The demographics and trends for both areas are very similar. Fads and styles that start in Cleveland will quickly spread to Chicago and vice versa since the cities are relatively close and very connected.

The nickname has been around since the early-mid 1900s when Cleveland was at one time the 5th largest city in the country and rivaled Chicago but was just slightly smaller. People started noticing the striking similarities between the two big cities. Cleveland also had a huge mafia presence like Chicago and the Cleveland and Chicago mafia families were allies for a long time.
Lets go to Little Chicago AKA Cleveland.
by LilChicagoCleveland September 01, 2009
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Hamilton, ohio In the 1920 Chicago gangsters made Hamilton, Ohio their second home. John Dillinger is documented to have been a visitor to Hamilton. During World War II, due to the large number of gambling and prostitution establishments such as Madame Freeze's and the long row of prostitution establishments along Wood Street (now called Pershing Ave), the entire city was declared off-limits to military personnel.
Hamilton is still known as little Chicago, although it is now just a drug infested shit hole, that some folks call home.
Screw Cincinnati, lets go to little Chicago, the crack rocks are bigger there.
by Ford Lawnmower October 02, 2007
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