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A small casino located near Prior Lake, Minnesota where 99% of patrons are chain-smoking button whackers. Despite the casino's small size, many of the socially backwards patrons see fit to occupy two machines at once. Little Six patrons are afraid of sunlight and human interaction. As long as they can chain smoke and stare listlessly into their "lucky" machine, they will not harm anyone. The only harm is from them whacking the buttons on the machine when it does not continually pay out large sums of cash.
Amy: Hey let's go to a casino. How about Little Six Casino?

Ryan: But it's like the twilight zone in there! Their patrons are all afraid of the sunlight and live in halfway houses.

Amy: But their slots are looser!

Ryan: Ok, I guess that's worth lung cancer. I'll drive.
by YuckySpot March 31, 2013

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