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An incredibly boring school located on South Park street in Little Rock that's actually two schools in one. One features AP courses taught by brilliant teachers and is populated by Asians, Arabs, a few token blacks, and white kids who wear Sperrys/Uggs. The other is taught by coaches and angry old ladies and is almost completely black, with some exceptions. The school is currently run by a woman named Nancy who is quite fond of acting like a complete moron/bitch when the media is not looking. Oh yeah, the school gets attention from the news sometimes because, I don't know, it's historic. One of the Central student's favorite past-times is pretending they're better than other people because we have history or something.
Historic Little Rock Central High School is one of about three things to see if you're vacationing in our city for some strange reason.

At Central, our security guards are too fat to walk
by Waldorfastoria December 30, 2011
The biggest school in Little Rock, AR. Has almost 3000 kids who go there.

Also where the Little Rock Nine attended school.
I go to Little Rock Central High School
by Jade Skarsgård July 13, 2011

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