1. Overrated, unfunny shite that uses the same jokes every week - in fact, the same joke for several characters. And it manages to rip off The Fast Show and The League of Gentleman without being as funny as either.

2. This week's "Greatest British Comedy Creation" (TM)

3. A couple of chancers (see above).
Anyone that recites one of the crappy catchphrases ad nauseum...
by OD Smith February 16, 2005
it is very funny to watch new episodes of it. and the impressions people do are funny the first 20 times but stop being funny after it...
repetative idiot 1:dont like it
repetative idiot 2:yeah i know
repetative idiot 1:yeah but no but yeah
repetative idiot 2:i want a whipy!
repetative idiot 1:dont like it
repetative idiot 2: I fell
by eastern person January 16, 2005
Possibly the worst sketch show ever to air in Britain. Can't hold a candle to the league or monty python.
Repetative and just dull, Little britain is a chav magnet.
Chav 1)- Yeah ano.
Chav 2)- *Laughs inanely*.

Chav 1 becomes very popular for being "At one what can do matt from little britain lolz"
by Ultimafanatic November 14, 2005
1) To be over-rated

2) To be deeply unfunny

3) To sell out
1) Jimmy Carr is so Little Britain

2) Nathan Barley was almost as bad as Little Britain

3) Well I dont see Steve Coogan doing a Little Britain.
by I'm Jack Cooper April 02, 2005
the best ever military programme ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
little bratain is good do you like it err yeah but no
by dominic hunt January 16, 2005
1.An overrated sketch show that does not deserve the amount of hype it gets.

2. A show the BBc uses to try and con people into getting digital TV
1. Little britain won the award for best new comedy,but it should have gone to should have gone to The Mighty Boosh

2: Buy a set top box now to see the new series of little britain first!
by poop March 22, 2005
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