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2 people/opposing sides can "declare" a Lithuanian Fight. That means that each person gets as many of his friends as he/she can get to come in the "declared" time and the "declared" place. This has to be an agreement.

Then the two sides fight, most aren't serious. People join out of fun, NOT loyalty. Since the numbers of people coming greatly varies, (usually from 5-40 people) it usually ends in the outnumbered group admitting defeat, or having the outnumbered group flee.

It's improper to bring deadly weapons, like knives, or guns. If any, they can bring brass knuckles and rocks.
Person 1- "why are you hiding in my house?"
Person 2- "Well my friend declared a LITHUANIAN FIGHT, i didn't have anything to do tonight so i decided to join him. We had over 20 strong guys with us. We came to the park, and we saw only 10 of them standing there, so we charged them, but they had 40 more people hiding in the bushes! We ran like hell. Half of them were just chicks, but there were too many of them, and it would be dumb to stop. They were chucking rocks at us! The cops came and they scattered too. They were laughed the whole time. I enjoyed it too.
by Commilad September 08, 2007
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