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1. n.
- a small, puritan village in Northwestern Connecticut.
- Settled in 1721, the town grew with separatist efficiency, becoming the county seat in 1774. Today, Litchfield covers approximately 53 square miles.
- Features include The Forman School, Derwin Outfitters, Stop n Shop, Bozak Resort & Spa, Vacuum Repair Shop, and little else of interest.
(Origin: British; Old English- liche/lich: a corpse.)

2. n.
- A small town in the Northwestern hills of Connecticut where lost souls remain in purgatory.

3. n.
- The waiting room and reception area for hell.
Missy: Don't do that, unless you want to spend all of eternity burning in the fires of Litchfield, CT.
by Noitimba Dnilb November 12, 2006
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