Lost in translation
When you wore your purple weave, you were definitely LIT.
by KashBee September 16, 2008
When you get shot multiple times with a paintball gun.
Hey n00b, you just got lit.
by DYEhunny6 May 12, 2004
a girl who is sooo attractive that you would keep the lights on to have sex with her.
Wow Shinji, that chick over there is pretty LIT.
by JMART November 28, 2005
LIT Lesbian in Training
"My name is Amy.. I'm a LIT"
by Rickster July 22, 2004
Long Island Iced Tea
I think Ocean Annie's puts crack in their LIT's.
by Charlie August 27, 2004
Most ownage playah in TFC
That LiT sure owned the fuck outta me last night on Shutdown2...who woulda thought TiTz was so pwnage!
by PainTrain July 13, 2003
like lol only means laughing in text, instead of laughing out loud
somedude1: i just crapped my pants
hotchickgirl: lit
by artificial mccoy May 19, 2005

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