On Fiya!
That boy is Clean.....he's Lit!
by Chosen1_39 December 29, 2015
the act of being awesome and legit
man, that go cart ride was littttttttttt
by steelbass February 13, 2010
refering to an extreme drunken state
Last night we went to the club and i got lit.
by James Absher July 27, 2008
lost in translation-under the influence of a drug or alcohol
I'm lit off this whiskey
by kemosabi August 05, 2006
drunker than a son-of-a-bitch
last night I was lit like a god damn christmas tree
by David Shantz July 13, 2004
"Lesbian in Training" When a straight girl has potential to be a lesbian (and eventually will become one...with some persuasion)
Julie: You see that girl? She keeps making eyes at me.
Eve: She has a boyfriend...
Julie: Doesn't matter, she's totally LIT.
Eve: Go get her!
by LLITG December 02, 2011
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